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So, in line with doing a weight loss program with one of our new radio show sponsors, I decided that I’m going to try going “Paleo” for 30 days (or through the month of July) and so how it goes.

Why Paleo? It’s not because it’s the rage with cross fitters, because those people are weird. Simply put, it eliminates what I can’t control myself with, bread. But it also isn’t some weird diet where the meals are unappetizing. It’s basically lean meat, veggies, and fruits which is all I eat anyway. It’s just I’ll be cooking myself.

So, here it goes. I’ll already have a sugar headache.

Current weight: 284 - damn I’m fat.






Heyo, I haven’t tumblr’d or whatever in a long time, so I figured I’d get back to talking about what I’m good at talking about aside from football, beer.

Tonight I’ll be talking a little bit about Jon Boat Ale by Intuition Ale Works, a local Jacksonville brewery and in my opinion the best local brewery in town.

Jon Boat is a Kölsch style ale, which originates from Germany and has grown in popularity in the states. It’s a light beer and pretty refreshing when it’s warm out, pours a light amber in color.

It has a very “bready” smell, I guess you would say? Most Kölsch style beers are bitter and a little sour and Jon Boat definitely delivers there. It’s not my favorite beer by Intuition, but it’s likely going to be the one non-craft beer nerds will like. It’s an easy one to grab a six pack of and head to a gathering or tailgate. It’s only 4.5% ABV so it’s not going to sneak up on you like some other craft beers.


Dead lift
135 x15

185 x10

205 x10

235 x10

250 x10

Dumbbell bench
25 x30
35 x30
45 x30

Dumbbell curl
20 x50
25 x10
30 x10
35 x10
40 x10

Dumbbell military
25 x20
30 x20
35 x20

ISo-lat chest press
90 x30
120 x20

Shoulder shrugs
70 x30

Lat pull down
90 x20

Tri push down
50 x70

Oh, hey you guys. So, I picked up a couple seasonal beers at Total Wine during the week and noticed they had Left Hand’s newest iteration of Fade to Black, which is a beer they do each season and modify a bit. I’ve had all three prior versions of the beer, so I picked up a bottle to try the newest one.

The Vol. 4 version of the beer is an american black ale with moderate ABV at 6.5%. I drank it mostly out of the bottle but poured a bit of it into a glass to get a look at the color and as expected it’s almost like black ink with a bit of a burnt marsh mellow head.

The beer smells a bit like coffee, burnt toast, and you get a little bit of the hops and some vanilla.

It tasted as expected, like coffee and a lot of dark chocolate. It’s also pretty smooth with not a ton of carbonation and easy to drink.

If you like coffee style beers, you’ll probably enjoy this one. I did.

I forgot my Tumblr password so I have not been taking pictures of delicious beer. I have gone back to the gym however so I will also update you with all the terrible exercises I do.

Like today, when I go do deadlifts which are the devil.

18th Anniversary IPAI saw a bomber of this Great Divide double IPA at Total win and had to buy it, because it said “wood aged” and I love wood aged IPAs/porters.

Also, it’s a Great Divide beer so it was a safe assumption that it was going to be a good beer. The first thing noticeable about the beer is the color of the pour, it’s a nice amber color. It also has quite a bit of scents. There’s some oak, citrus and some sweeter citrus.

The beer isn’t nearly as in your face hoppy as one would expect on the initial taste. There is a lot of oakiness and some cedar however, as well as a bit of an alcohol finish.

Overall it was disappointing from what I actually expected, but it was still a very good beer. I just had some high hopes for I don’t know exactly what. I’d definitely buy it again and enjoy it, as it’s a very complex beer and good for sippin’.

They sound delicious.